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What would happen if every woman in the workforce left her job tomorrow? 

Many women see their place in the workforce as a privilege, when in fact our presence is not only a basic right but an invaluable asset to any organisation. Like a breath of fresh air, we bring new perspectives, problem solving abilities and a work ethic that’s formidable to contend with. Despite this, we’re often forced into a male way of doing things, right down to the way we dress. If you’re someone who gravitates to a more masculine style and cut of your clothes, there’s plenty of options available in the market. If this isn’t your personal style, you’re stuck wearing a uniform that doesn’t reflect who you truly are.

Drssd Clothing, DRSSD Workwear

Our Mission

Our mission is to create bold designs that enable women to express their unique style. Founded in the Hunter Region of NSW, each piece is designed with a unique blend of colours and feminine silhouettes that give women the confidence to face whatever the day throws at them.

Drssd Clothing, DRSSD Workwear
Drssd Clothing, DRSSD Workwear
Drssd Clothing, DRSSD Workwear

Our Values

Fusing style and comfort

Anyone who has ever worked from home will understand the pure comfort that comes from being cuddled up in your pyjamas or loungewear whilst checking emails and preparing daily reports.

We believe workwear can be just as comfortable. By carefully selecting fabrics that feel luxuriously soft against the skin, we create the perfect fusion of style and comfort.  

Empowering Women

Authentic style is a personal expression of who we are and what we value.  What we wear is a visual communication of our values and goals. 

It’s not enough to look professional when you go to work. To be truly authentic, you need to love what you wear and feel like the best version of yourself in every piece of clothing you have on. The best bit is you’ll always have outfits ready to go and will waste less time and money on your wardrobe. 

Fashion for a reason

We believe in fashion for a reason, not just a season.

Steering away from the fast fashion model of dressing, we believe in curating a wardrobe the same way you would an investment portfolio. Our pieces are functional and durable and will take you from boardroom to bar and workday to weekend with minimal effort. 

Sustainable practices

The secret to effective sustainability is adopting sustainable practices in every step of the design process. This includes selecting fabrics that are sustainably sourced and manufactured, as well as using recycled and biodegradable materials in our packaging.