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In a country like Australia where “go big or go home” is conditioned in us from birth, it’s no wonder that our weather takes the same approach. Earlier this month, I set out to create as many pink looks as I could for Breast Cancer Awareness month, expecting to populate the collection with spring and summer friendly ideas for styling the crossover blouse and wrap over skirt in rose pink. The recent unseasonably cold weather on the east coast has prompted me to think ahead to autumn and winter next year and discover ways I can use these pieces all year round, and keep myself warm in the meantime.

Reversing the pink and white look from the spring/summer wardrobe, I tried the crossover blouse with a white skirt and white trousers. My favourite of the two had to be the white trousers. Having a long torso and shorter limbs, I’m drawn to anything that elongates my legs and makes me look taller.

Skirts and winter aren’t something you’ll usually find in my repertoire. Being something of a cold frog, I have always assumed I couldn’t create a skirt look that will keep me sufficiently warm (and as much as I value personal style, nothing will ever be worth more than my comfort!) Imagine my surprise when I tried on my favourite black and white jacket with the skirt, tights and boots and felt as warm as if I were cuddled up next to a fireplace with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Now I can’t wait for next winter to arrive so I can take this look out for a proper spin!

The next pairing in my autumn/winter wardrobe was knitwear. When you’re starting to introduce colour into your wardrobe, many stylists will recommend pairing it with a light neutral piece of knitwear. This will soften the look and create visual interest with the pattern of the knit. My favourite white jumper is a staple in my winter wardrobe, but instead of reverting to old favourites, I decided to branch out and try a few other pieces that I know will keep me toasty during those cold winter months (and sometimes during those summer days where the air conditioner is blasting!) Overall, I was happy with how the looks turned out. The big surprise here was how well the navy jumper paired with the pink, so naturally that had to be the next point of styling inspiration.

Digging through my wardrobe, I found a navy blouse that made many an appearance in my office days. I’d often pair this blouse with a pair of black trousers on those occasions where I just couldn’t decide what to wear. As comfortable as it is, I had resolved the last time I wore the navy blouse to donate it to charity. Once again, navy proved to the be surprise, as pairing the blouse with the pink skirt made me fall in love with it all over again. The only logical reason I can put this down to is that pairing the navy with black wouldn’t bring me joy in the same way the warming hues of the rose pink lightens my mood.

So, what have we learned from all this?

  1. Never dismiss an item of clothing for season appropriateness – layering is the key!
  2. If you’re getting bored with some of your favourite pieces, try and get experimental with them. Discovering new ways to wear old favourites will invigorate your wardrobe and ignite your creativity!

Jac xx